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In 2010 after working for a number of public home builders for close to 20 years, Mark Rowson left to begin his own company. Living right next to San Francisco he found himself instantly drawn to the City, it’s architecture and amazing historical buildings. Using his experience in the industry, he began restoring, revitalizing, and rebuilding the many dilapidated buildings in the city. It was a niche that was not heavily saturated at the time and the company worked mainly there, revitalizing massive buildings and single-family homes, until now. Envisage has now expanded its luxury re-construction methods to the surrounding bay area towns. Homeowners deserve to have their homes just as beautiful as the ones in the city! As of 2020, Envisage Real Estate & Construction has revitalized over 30 homes in San Francisco and the surrounding areas; Concord, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Lafayette, & Pleasant Hill are just a few of the towns that we have worked our magic in!


Home Restoration

Envisage works hand in hand with homeowners across the Bay Area to revitalize, remodel and re-invent their homes. Envisage Construction is extremely proud of the quality of their workmanship and delivering our trademark of homes to the public that lives up to the standards of today’s clients. The collaboration of our partners, employees, and construction teams is what makes our company great. We operate with a core group of very dedicated people and everyone is involved in each project every step of the way. We look within our team and utilize their ideas to revitalize and build homes of distinction, setting our own precedence and try not to resemble every other builder. We use quality materials, hire reputable vendors, and use highly experienced construction teams to build the finest homes possible.


"I am immensely proud of the work we do in San Francisco and the surrounding communities. The clients overwhelming happiness as they revel at their finished homes is what it’s all about. Providing a service to the people that we can be proud of, giving the customers a little more than they expected in a new or revitalized home and leaving our legacy behind. We still love working in the city but have also to expanded a bit more to the bay area- particularly my home area of LaMorinda. It’s a beautiful place to live and raise children, the problem being that many homes are aged and need reconstruction, that’s something Envisage Construction can handle! I am also extremely proud of my team and the effort they put into every single home we build. Our plan for the future is to keep developing and streamlining our building process with a combination of technology, training, and steadfast effort to bring homeowners a home that they love that will endure the elements of time.”

Mark Rowson
Principal | CEO

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