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Years ago, you could buy a home with a check, a handshake, and a signature. Now, Real Estate has many moving parts. Title Insurance, disclosures, inspections, transaction management, negotiation, and mortgages are critical, complicated components required to have a successful closing.

Envisage Real Estate is able to handle every factor involved: from integrating finance, acquisition, securing a sale, negotiation, home valuation and full knowledge of loan types. We are able to guide you through the difficult process of buying or selling any home or business - with ease.



Envisage Real Estate is led by Broker & Owner Mark Rowson who has over 30 years of residential development and sales experience having held key leadership positions with KB Homes, Lennar, Richmond American Homes and Warmington Residential as well as an earlier career in Financial Accounting. Mark’s knowledgeable background helps to guide our clients through the many aspects of home sales.

Boutique Service At Better Prices

We are committed to offering our clients concierge services at lower pricing. This means you get one on one, boutique service at all times and our staff is committed to assisting you in every way possible. We are a full-service Real Estate Company, offering the exact same marketing and services as any other real estate company does. We just do not charge as much as they do!

Our Values

Integrity: Above all else. We are true to our word.

Diversity: We embrace all of humanity.

Respect: We respect those we interact with daily. We care about the consequences of our actions.

Excellence: We are committed to providing the best possible service to each and every client.

Teamwork: We believe each team member brings a different strength to the company and working together collectively, we will accomplish more for our customers.

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